Having learned the ins and outs of the process, a new, larger team has returned to once again enter the fray in this year, 2017. Original members Büşra Merve Kırpat, Simay Ayhan and Ayşe Naz Ozantürk – MBG students who are working as senior undergraduate researchers in UNAM’s Synthetic Biosystems Laboratory, led by Assist. Prof. Urartu Özgür Şafak Şeker (MSN and UNAM) – have been joined by MBG sophomores Berk Ürgen, Artun Bülbül, Azra Atabay, Ezgi Dikici, Eray Ulaş Bozkurt and Büşra Ata, along with advisor and previous iGEM competitor Musa Efe Işılak, a master’s student at UNAM, and Mert Canatan of the Department of Computer Engineering, who is developing the Bilkent UNAMBG website. The team is supervised by Dr. Şeker and Assoc. Prof. Işık Yuluğ (UNAM and MBG).


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Bilkent UNAMBG Team Getting Ready for iGEM 2017


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The team was founded for the purpose of participating in iGEM at 2016, and gained silver medal at the competition with a project titled as “Smelling Cancer”. First year’s team members was Büşra Merve Kırpat, Simay Ayhan, Özge Begli, Efe Musa Işılak, Hazal Beril Çatalak and Ayşenaz Ozantürk.

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Bilkent Student Project Wins Silver Medal at iGEM Competition

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